"Conversion Calls is a trusted partner. They have demonstrated the agility to keep pace with our rapidly changing business needs.

We use Conversion Calls because they are proven winners.

Our internal teams cannot match the results achieved by the Conversion Calls team."

Trisha Smith
Director of Strategic Marketing
Colorado Christian University

"I have worked with Conversion Calls at two different institutions and have always been pleased with their service.

They are flexible and responsive and have shown us that they can develop innovative solutions to meet our contact center needs.

Their performance is great and their agents take pride in a job done well."

Matthew J. Hanusa
VP of Enrollment & Marketing
City University Of Seattle

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So Little Time To Handle Them Efficiently

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Real Time Reports

Fully customizable and integrated reporting

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Our Staff

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We utilize automated dialing systems and are TCPA compliant. Senior Staff members perform live monitoring 100% of the time and QA audits are performed on many of the calls. Our representatives are articulate and understanding and through the use of dynamically populating forms gather all the information your representatives need. We transfer only qualified individuals to your team and correctly disposition all others.

Conversion Calls™ staff is a group of articulate men and women. Depending on volume, a select group will be assigned to you. Through this immersion methodology they will gain an understanding of your organization's structure and culture and impart that spirit and corporate culture to potential clients.


Features And Benefits

Conversion Calls™ was developed to integrate easily within your existing system. No additional infrastructure is required. It is as simple as your system posting to us in real time and our system posting the contacted leads back to you in real time.

Our qualification systems are developed specifically for you and are derived from your posting documents. Our dynamically populated forms allow representatives to alter scripts depending on areas of interest, needs or requirements.

Our hardware will enable your calls to be routed in many ways and to a variety of different phone numbers. For example we can accommodate a designated representative to be the contact for a specific product or program. If products or services are handled departmentally we can accommodate that as well. The possibilities are limitless. The routing some of our clients currently implement includes the following:

Education Sector

High School
Degree Level
Insurance Sector


Financial Sector


Our facility is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We can implement scheduling changes based upon your needs even if they change. If you have an organization wide staff meeting and need to pause transfers we will. If you want Saturday calls every week or every other week that is not a problem. We can even have our staff schedule appoints for your representatives at a later date and time.

There are many flexible options for managing your peak call times when representative may not available. Your inbound call volume can be sent to us for scheduling appointments and follow-up.

Reports are designed to reveal what is important to your teams. A variety of measureable fields can be displayed. Variable date range selection allows the user to pick a date range such as last month, month to date and even to enter a specific range of dates.

Conversion Calls™ has no set up fees and no long term contracts. It is simple to implement as a seamless component of your client relationship management process. Conversion Calls™ reduces waste and aged leads by making sure each one is contacted, verified and qualified. By repurposing your internal staff they can focus their efforts on individuals eager to engage with your staff regarding your products and services.


Company History

Call Center Agents

Conversion Calls was founded with one purpose in mind. Helping Educational Institutions streamline their reqruitment process, increase enrollement rates and achieve a higher ROI

Our client's demands for more services with the same high level of service prompted us to expand. We expanded our facility and personnel to broaden not only the services provided to our education clients, but to serve other industries. We build long lasting partnerships and have gained a reputation for having a responsive staff that is always at work, with client satisfaction as the ultimate goal.

We continue to remain focused on one thing and that is our clients' satisfaction. We staff our headquarters and call center with dedicated professionals. Our meticulous attention to finding just the right team members allows us to continually provide exemplary service.

We are a proud to be a Tier One Vendor for all of our clients.

Consistency and Quality is our mantra and never goes out of style.


At Your Service"The agents take great pride in their work." - Trisha Smith,
Director of Strategic Marketing, Colorado Christian University

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