Do you need flexibility and customization? How about scalability up or down? What about the ability to implement quickly? If your answer is yes, then we are the right strategic partner for you.

We can provide these services quickly with our vast access to resources and typically it is all-inclusive with the technology, the systems, the data reporting, 100% recording, and quality assurance. We are always available to our clients 24/7 as we can make adjustments on the fly with our no red tape policy.

We provide these services for clients in Higher Ed, the Public Sector, and the Private Sector, and we look forward to strategically partnering with you!

  • Why is an Inbound / Outbound Contact Center useful?

    Customer demands are changing continuously. Customers expect flawless communication, immediate answers, and even faster solutions - but for many companies, this is not always possible. Inbound & Outbound contact centers provide a solution - while you offer your customers excellent support, you gain more time for your core business. With a world-class contact center partner, you optimize the customer experience and avoid a loss of revenue due to frustrated customers.

  • What Contact Center options are available?

    Clients don't always desire an all-internal contact center team. There are different service models that can be successfully combined:

    Shared team: A shared team can be useful for projects with small volumes, customer inquiries that are difficult to plan, or new initiatives and strategies. The contact center agents process not only your inquiries and customers, but also inquiries and customers from other clients. You "share" the customer service basically with other clients.

    Advantages of a Shared Team: You don't pay for standby times and therefore you can save a lot of money. This includes coverages and services for extended hours, overflow, fluctuating volumes, and more.

    Dedicated team: A dedicated team works only for you as the client. In comparison to a shared team, a dedicated team can be useful for anticipated call and customer volumes, teams that require substantial training and support of the customer, higher expectations of skill level, various and flexible hours of coverage throughout the week, etc.

    Both models can be combined with each other. For example, you can choose a dedicated team during your core business hours and a shared team during the night shift. This is particularly suitable for active companies that offer their customer services from several time zones.

  • What are the Pricing Models?

    Contact center partners use different pricing models. We can put together proposals that are per minute, per hour, per transaction, or per agent. Also, a flat rate per month is available. The bottom line is that we are flexible and will do what it takes to meet your business needs

  • How do we implement?

    The implementation of a contact center service partnership always takes place with World-Class customer service, Operational Excellence, and with efficiency and effectiveness. We will partner with you and your team to implement the desired model quickly. This will be done the right way to achieve the best outcomes.

Tip: A good contact center always ensures compliance with customer guidelines and processes for an optimal customer service. Reporting with the most important KPIs is also useful so that you can measure the success. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.