Complete and Custom Integration

Conversion Calls was developed to integrate easily within your existing system as no additional infrastructure is required with any of our strategic service solutions.


Customized Qualification Systems

Our strategies and systems are developed specifically for you, the client, and are derived from your processes and procedures. Our dynamically populated forms allow representatives to converse with clients and/or students depending on areas of interest, needs or requirements.


Unprecedented Routing & Service Capabilities

We will enable your customers to be routed and fully serviced in many ways and to a variety of different phone numbers. For example we can accommodate a designated representative to be the contact for a specific product or program and service them through the entire process. If products or services are handled departmentally we can accommodate that as well. The possibilities are limitless. The routing some of our clients currently implement includes the following:

Education Sector

Insurance Sector

Financial Sector

Non-traditional / Online Degree Level
One-Stop-Shop Contact Center
Extended HoursTiered-Level Support




Public Sector

Legal Sector

Health Sector

Small Business Admin.
Tiered-Level Support

Customer Services

Emergency Response
Extension and
Contingency Teams


Congruent and Adaptable Scheduling

Our team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We can implement scheduling changes based upon your needs even if they change. If you have an organization-wide staff meeting and need to pause or take on all customers or students to keep service moving forward, we can accomplish that. If you want extended hours every week or every other week that is not a problem. We can even have our staff schedule appointments for your team at a later date and time.


Overflow Optimization Plans

There are many flexible options for managing your peak call times when representatives may not available. Your inbound call volume can be sent to us for scheduling appointments, follow ups or full-service support.


Simplified Reporting

Online Reports are designed to reveal what is important to your teams and updated daily. A variety of measurable fields can be displayed as the online data portal is available 24/7. Variable date range selection allows the user to pick a date range such as last month, month to date, and even to enter a specific range of dates while being able to export to Excel or PDF.


Increased ROI

Conversion Calls has no set up fees and flexible contracts. It is simple to implement as a seamless component of the client relationship management process. Conversion Calls reduces wasteful spending by making sure each customer or student is contacted, verified, qualified, and/or serviced. Your internal staff can focus their efforts on individuals eager to engage with your team regarding your products and services, which increases productivity, a sense of purpose, and outcomes.