Full Transparency: Online Portal / Dashboard Activity is updated daily, and can be viewed by day, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or customized date ranges. In addition, all data can be exported to create additional reporting in excel and as PDFs (we are delighted to provide a live demo). Data is provided by the inquiry source as a default and can also be viewed by program or other custom data point if requested. All activity data is uploaded daily via data pass-backs with CRM systems along with stage, disposition, and DNC updates completed by the admissions team members, client team members, and/or direct system input. Hourly tracking of contacts, calls, and transfer volume available each day for future analysis and adjustments to ensure the best customer service at all times.

Access to recordings, dispositions, and other requested data points are all available directly within the online portal 24/7, and can be created and sent to you, the client partner, as well. By analyzing the data and the outcomes of all prospective students throughout the qualification and application processes, enhanced strategic decision-making can be made on future inquiries and applications to continue to positively impact enrollment. Please refer to the "Real-Time Reports" page for further information and examples.