Desire to scale quickly or improve your enrollment pipeline conversions? What about expanding your hours or increasing team productivity outcomes while providing contingency support models to ensure your organization is up and running at all times?

Our highly trained, skilled, and experienced Admissions and Enrollment Counseling team members will have initial conversations with new or current students. Students will be guided through the application process to completion, address program and acceptance information, provide basic financial aid tools, transcript process guidance for the college or university evaluation team, communicate and confirming attendance for campus visits and other key events, confirming intention for enrollment and/or securing deposits, and can have accountability to actually register students for their initial courses along with ensuring they attend.

Includes full management accountability, quality assurance, and meets and exceeds college or university expectations to operate seamlessly through all student interactions. Training is conducted in partnership with the college or university and integrates all programs, processes, and procedures along with various compliances such as FERPA, Title IV, and ongoing reinforcement.

As we advise student inquiries and initial applicants, we will highlight the key benefits and values of the college or university, the specific program details they are interested in, how they can get integrated and involved, and overall represent your brand image to exceed your expectations. This will ultimately increase credibility, staff harmonization, and conversion outcomes as our leadership team have over 50+ years of actual college and university experience in various roles from advising/counseling to director level through executive-level administration.

We have observed our client-partners achieve an additional 10-20% efficiency and conversion gains in addition to Inquiry Qualification. In tandem, we have observed 40-50% conversion and enrollment growth within short periods of time.