Our speed-to-contact prequalification services are world-class! We know your brand image is our brand image and that is how we are going to treat every one of your customers. So, how fast do you want to start connecting with customers? How does 1.5 seconds sound to you? That's right! We can start attempting contact with customers within 1.5 seconds once the inquiry hits the CRM system.


What about increasing team productivity and morale to positively impact outcomes? We have observed 15 - 30% efficiency and conversion gains with our clients from this model. Basically, we are taking on the front-end work, which gives your team members more time to spend with customers or students and taking them through the appropriate next steps. In addition, team members get to spend their time actually talking to people that want to have a conversation...how motivating! It has a positive ripple effect and it’s contagious all the way from start to finish as we warm-transfer customers and students directly into your team.


Do you analyze data to enhance strategic decision-making? If so, we have you covered! With our online data portal that is available 24/7, you can analyze various inquiry or customer types, connect rates, KPI conversions, source performance comparison, team productivity, listen to recordings, and more. This ensures the best customer service and provides leadership peace of mind that all customers or students are being talked to in a compliant and timely manner.